Analytical results of 19 amino acid analyses from Unit 3.1 of sediment core CRP-1 (Table 1), supplement to: Hart, Charles P; Webb, Peter-Noel (1998): Amino acid based geochronology of unit 3.1 (Quaternary), CRP-1, Victoria Land Basin, Antarctica. Terra Antartica, 5(3), 697-701

Charles P Hart & Peter-Noel Webb
Amino acid-based geochronological analyses were carried out on fossil mollusc shell and foraminifera from Unit 3.1, Cape Roberts Project core CRP-1. Ratios of D-alloIsoleucine to L-Isoleucine (D/L) were measured from 19 fossil samples using cation exchange High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) methods. Preliminary interpretation of these results suggest that Unit 3.1 contains carbonate fossils having multiple ages. The interpreted ages have a bimodal distribution between ~220 Ka (Quaternary) and ~2.4 Ma (Pliocene). However, these results...
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