Carbonate preservation reconstructed from ODP Sites 154-927 and 154-929 at Ceará Rise, supplement to: Frenz, Michael; Henrich, Rüdiger; Zychla, Björn (2006): Carbonate preservation patterns at the Ceará Rise – Evidence for the Pliocene super conveyor. Marine Geology, 232(3-4), 173-180

Michael Frenz, Rüdiger Henrich & Björn Zychla
Enhanced Atlantic overturning during the Pliocene was first proposed almost 10 yrs ago. Evidence for this Pliocene super conveyor scenario has been collected using a number of proxies (e.g., benthic d13C, Nd isotopic composition of manganese crusts). The present study contributes to the existing evidences by using carbonate dissolution and current vigour history of early Pliocene sediments from the Ceará Rise (ODP Sites 927 and 929). In order to reveal carbonate dissolution history, a number...
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