Paleoclimate reconstruction from Miocene macroflora in Kazakhstan compiled from various publications, supplement to: Bruch, Angela A; Zhilin, Sergey G (2006): Early Miocene climate of Central Eurasia – Evidence from Aquitanian floras of Kazakhstan. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 248(1-2), 32-48

Angela A Bruch & Sergey G Zhilin
25 datasets (13 fossil leaf and pollen assemblages, 12 quantitative palaeoclimatic datasets) are provided in order to analyse Early Miocene palaeoclimate in Kazakhstan. The rich fossil record in Kazakhstan documents that during the Oligocene and Early Miocene this area in Central Eurasia was densely forested with warm-temperate deciduous trees and shrubs of the so-called "Turgayan flora". 29 fossil floras from 13 localities have been selected for a quantitative analysis of the Aquitanian (early Early Miocene)...
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