Age model based on planktic foraminiferal stable isotopes for sediment core Site 199-1218 from the equatorial Pacific, supplement to: Wade, Bridget S; Pälike, Heiko (2004): Oligocene climate dynamics. Paleoceanography, 19, PA4019

Bridget S Wade & Heiko Pälike
A planktonic and benthic foraminiferal stable isotope stratigraphy of the Oligocene equatorial Pacific (Ocean Drilling Program, Site 1218) was generated at 6 kyr resolution between magnetochrons C9n and C11n.2n (ab. 26.4–30 Ma on a newly developed astronomically calibrated timescale). Our data allow a detailed examination of Oligocene paleoceanography, the evolution of the early cryosphere, and the influence of orbital forcing on glacioeustatic sea level variations. Spectral analysis reveals power and coherency for obliquity (40 kyr...
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