Results of an in situ stable isotope labeling study in intertidal sediment, supplement to: van Oevelen, Dick; Moodley, Leon; Soetaert, Karline; Middelburg, Jack J (2006): The trophic significance of bacterial carbon in a marine intertidal sediment: Results of an in situ stable isotope labeling study. Limnology and Oceanography, 51(5), 2349-2359

Dick van Oevelen, Leon Moodley, Karline Soetaert & Jack J Middelburg
We report the results of an in situ tracer experiment in an intertidal sediment, where bacterial carbon was tagged with stable carbon–isotope label, after the injection of 13C-glucose. The appearance of label in bacteria (based on label incorporation in bacteria-specific, phospholipid-derived fatty acids) and subsequent transfer to meiobenthos (group level) and macrobenthos (species level) was followed for 36 days. The label dynamics of benthic taxa were either fitted with a simple-isotope model or evaluated against...
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