Preliminiary results and documentation of sediment core CRP-3 from the Ross Sea off Cape Roberts, Antarctica, supplement to: Barrett, Peter J; Sarti, Massimo; Wise, Sherwood W (2000): Studies from the Cape Roberts Project, Ross Sea, Antarctica, Initial Reports on CRP-3. Terra Antartica, 7(1/2), 209 pp

Peter J Barrett, Peter-Noel Webb, Fulvia Sharon Aghib, Mauro Alberti, Jo Anderson, R A Askin, Cliff Atkins, Steven M Bohaty, S M Bryce, Christian J Bücker, Stewart Bush, Michele Claps, Matthew Curren, Christopher R Fielding, Fabio Florindo, Simone Galeotti, Mike J Hannah, Adam H Harris, David M Harwood, Stuart A Henrys, Nick Jackson, Thomas R Janecek, Richard D Jarrard, Shelley Judge, Conrad Kopsch … & John Wrenn
The site for CRP-3, 12 km east of Cape Roberts (77.006°S; 103.719°E)was selecte to overlap the lower Oligocene strata cored in nearby CRP-2/2A, and to sample the oldest strata in the Victoria Land Basin (VLB) for Paleogene climatic and tectonic history. As it transpired there was underlap of the order of 10s of metres. CRP-3 was cored from 3 to 939 mbsf (metres below the sea floor), with a core recovery of 97%. Coring took...
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