Distribution of benthos in late Quaternary turbidite layers of sediment cores from the North-West African continental margin, supplement to: Diester-Haass, Lieselotte (1975): Sedimentation and climate in the Late Quarternary between Senegal and Cape Verde Islands. Meteor Forschungsergebnisse, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Reihe C Geologie und Geophysik, Gebrüder Bornträger, Berlin, Stuttgart, C20, 1-32

Lieselotte Diester-Haass
The CaCO3-contents and the fractions > 40 µm have been analysed from 5 kastenloten, one piston core and two kastengreifer taken between Senegal and Cape Verde Islands. Numerous benthonic and planktonic organisms and different terrigenous components have been distinguished. The four cores off Senegal reach middle Wuerm sediments; cores GIK12329-6 and TAG72-1 reach the V-zone and core GIK12331-4 the X-zone (Eem); the two kastengreifer contain sediments of Holocene age. Correlation of the cores has been...
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