Age models, accumulation rates, and grain size distributions of sediment cores from the northern subtropical Atlantic, supplement to: Koopmann, B (1981): Sedimentation von Saharastaub im subtropischen Nordatlantik während der letzten 25.000 Jahre. Meteor Forschungsergebnisse, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Reihe C Geologie und Geophysik, Gebrüder Bornträger, Berlin, Stuttgart, C35, 23-59

B Koopmann
The terrigenous sediment proportion of the deep sea sediments from off Northwest Africa has been studied in order to distinguish between the aeolian and the fluvial sediment supply. The present and fossil Saharan dust trajectories were recognized from the distribution patterns of the aeolian sediment. The following timeslices have been investigated: Present, 6,000, 12,000 and 18,000 y. B. P. Furthermore, the quantity of dust deposited off the Saharan coast has been estimated. For this purpose,...
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