Chemical analysis of various geological samples from Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica, supplement to: Fioretti, A M; Lanza, R (2000): Preliminary palaeomagnetic results from the Devono-Carboniferous Admiralty intrusives (Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica). Terra Antartica, 7(5), 657-664

A M Fioretti & R Lanza
This paper reports the results of a preliminary palaeomagnetic investigation of the Admiralty Intrusives complex of northern Victoria Land, Antarctica. The samples were collected at Mt. Supernal and Inferno Peak, two pinions mainly formed of granodiorite and minor tonalite and emplaced at ab. 350 Ma at a high crustal level, as shown by amphibole geobarometric data and occurrence of miarolitic cavities. Microprobe and isothermal remanence analyses showed that magnetite. characterized by low coercivity and Curic...
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