Geochemistry of surface sediment samples from the equatorial Atlantic south of the Azores, supplement to: Auffret, Gérard A; Richter, Thomas; Reyss, Jean-Louis; Organo, C; Deloule, E; Gaillard, Jean-Francois; Dennielou, Bernard; Müller, C; Thomas, B; Watremez, P; Grousset, Francis E; Boelaert, An; Cambon, P; Etoubleau, Joel (1996): Enregistrement de lactivité hydrothermale dans les sédiments de la dorsale médio-atlantique au Sud des Açores. Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences - Series IIA - Earth and Planetary Science, 323(7), 583-590

Gérard A Auffret, Thomas Richter, Jean-Louis Reyss, C Organo, E Deloule, Jean-Francois Gaillard, Bernard Dennielou, C Müller, B Thomas, P Watremez, Francis E Grousset, An Boelaert, P Cambon & Joel Etoubleau
In order to recognize the distribution of hydrothermal tracers south of the Azores, a series of cores has been sampled during the GEOFAR cruise. The distribution of the Mn concentrations shows that the hydrothermal influence is maximum within and to the north-west of the Lucky Strike segment. North of the East-Azores Fracture Zone the sediments are enriched in Ba which could be derived from different sources. The chemical composition of the interstitial water shows that...
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