Paleomagnetic and stable isotope measurements and distribution of benthic foraminifera in sediment core PS1388-3 from the Antarctic continental margin in the eastern Weddell Sea, supplement to: Mackensen, Andreas; Grobe, Hannes; Hubberten, Hans-Wolfgang; Spieß, Volkhard; Fütterer, Dieter K (1989): Stable isotope stratigraphy from the Antarctic continental margin during the last one million years. Marine Geology, 87(2-4), 315-321

Andreas Mackensen, Hannes Grobe, Hans-Wolfgang Hubberten, Volkhard Spieß & Dieter K Fütterer
A stable isotope record from the eastern Weddell Sea from 69°S is presented. For the first time, a 250,000-yr record from the Southern Ocean can be correlated in detail to the global isotope stratigraphy. Together with magnetostratigraphic, sedimentological and micropalaeontological data, the stratigraphic control of this record can be extended back to 910,000 yrs B.P. A time scale is constructed by linear interpolation between confirmed stratigraphic data points.The benthic d18O record (Epistominella exigua) reflects global...
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