(Fig. 9) Pollen analysis of sediment core GIK16017-2, supplement to: Hooghiemstra, Henry (1988): Changes of major wind belts and vegetation zones in NW Africa 20,000-5000 yr B.P., as deduced from a marine pollen record near Cap Blanc. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology, 55(1-3), 101-140

Henry Hooghiemstra & Lydie M Dupont
The improved understanding of the pollen signal in the marine sediments offshore of northwest Africa is applied to deep-sea core M 16017-2 at 21°N. Downcore fluctuations in the percentage, concentration and influx diagrams record latitudinal shifts of the main northwest African vegetation zones and characteristics of the trade winds and the African Easterly Jet. Time control is provided by 14C ages and 180 records. During the period 19,000-14,000 yr B.P. a compressed savanna belt extended...
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