Pollen analysis of sediment core GIK16415-2 in the eastern tropical Atlantic, supplement to: Dupont, Lydie M; Agwu, Chiori O C (1992): Latitudinal shifts of forest and savanna in N.W. Africa during the Brunhes chron: further marine palynological results from site M 16415 (9°N 19°W). Vegetation History and Archaeobotany, 1(3), 163-175

Lydie M Dupont & Chiori O C Agwu
Palynological data of the marine core M 16415-2 show latitudinal shifts of the northern fringe of the tropical rain forest in north-west Africa during the last 700 ka. Savanna and dry open forest expanded southwards and tropical rain forest expanded northwards during dry and humid periods, respectively. Until 220 ka B.P., the tropical rain forest probably kept its zonal character in West Africa during glacials and interglacials. It is only during the last two glacial...
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