Diatom abundance counted on water bottle samples from the EisenEx cruise to the Southern Ocean, supplement to: Assmy, Philipp; Henjes, Joachim; Klaas, Christine; Smetacek, Victor (2007): Mechanisms determining species dominance in a phytoplankton bloom induced by the iron fertilization experiment EisenEx in the Southern Ocean. Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, 54(3), 340-362

Philipp Assmy, Joachim Henjes, Christine Klaas & Victor Smetacek
The dynamics of phytoplankton species populations recorded during the 3-week, iron-fertilization experiment EisenEx carried out in spring in the Antarctic Polar Frontal Zone are presented and discussed as the difference between growth and mortality rates. Only two cosmopolitan diatom species, the centric Chaetoceros debilis and the pennate Pseudo-nitzschia lineola, increased population density exponentially throughout the experiment to 150-fold and 90-fold of initial values respectively. Because C. debilis initial abundance was tenfold lower than that of...
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