Abundance and biomass of protozooplankton from the iron-induced phytoplankton bloom during the EisenEx experiment in 2000 in the Southern Ocean, supplement to: Henjes, Joachim; Assmy, Philipp; Klaas, Christine; Smetacek, Victor (2007): Response of the larger protozooplankton to an iron-induced phytoplankton bloom in the Polar Frontal Zone of the Southern Ocean (EisenEx). Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, 54(5), 774-791

Joachim Henjes, Philipp Assmy, Christine Klaas & Victor Smetacek
The responses of larger (>50 µm in diameter) protozooplankton groups to a phytoplankton bloom induced by in situ iron fertilization (EisenEx) in the Polar Frontal Zone (PFZ) of the Southern Ocean in austral spring are presented. During the 21 days of the experiment, samples were collected from seven discrete depths in the upper 150 m inside and outside the fertilized patch for the enumeration of acantharia, foraminifera, radiolaria, heliozoa, tintinnid ciliates and aplastidic thecate dinoflagellates....
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