Relative abundance of heavy minerals in sediment core CIROS-2 from McMurdo Sound, Antarctica (App A), supplement to: Ehrmann, Werner; Polozek, Kerstin (1999): The heavy mineral record in the Pliocene to Quaternary sediments of the CIROS-2 drill core, McMurdo Sound, Antarctica. Sedimentary Geology, 128(3-4), 223-244

Werner Ehrmann & Kerstin Polozek
The heavy mineral assemblages of the Lower Pliocene to Quaternary glacial sediments of the CIROS-2 drill site, situated near the mouth of Ferrar Glacier on the McMurdo Sound shelf, Antarctica, were analysed by optical means in order to reconstruct the source areas and dynamics of the late Cenozoic Antarctic ice masses. The assemblages are dominated by pyroxenes, amphiboles, altered minerals and opaque minerals. Within the pyroxene group, clinopyroxenes are most abundant; within the amphibole group,...
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