Geochemistry of surface sediment cores, supplement to: Klump, Jens; Hebbeln, Dierk; Wefer, Gerold (2001): High concentration of biogenic barium in Pacific sediments after Termination I - a signal of changes in productivity and deep water chemistry. Marine Geology, 177(1-2), 1-11

Jens Klump, Dierk Hebbeln & Gerold Wefer
High concentrations of barium have been found in sediments deposited on the Chilean continental slope after glacial Termination I. When compared to independent proxies of paleoproductivity, the pattern of biogenic barium accumulation does not match the changes in paleoproductivity in this region and cannot be explained by changes in the terrigenous supply of barium alone. This leaves an increased concentration of dissolved barium in sea water as the most likely cause of the observed barium...
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