Pollen analysis of sediment core PG1111, supplement to: Hahne, Jürgen; Melles, Martin (1997): Late and postglacial vegetation and climate history of the south-western Taymyr Peninsula (Central Siberia), as revealed by pollen analysis of sediments from Lama Lake. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany, 6(1), 1-8

Jürgen Hahne & Martin Melles
On the Taymyr Peninsula and Severnaya Zemlya Archipelago, Central Siberia, a joint German/Russian multidisciplinary research project focuses on the Late Quaternary history of climate and environment. Within the scope of this project, palynological studies were carried out on a 10.8-m core from Lama Lake, situated in the south-west of the research area. The core, which did not reach the base of the lacustrine sediments, reveals the vegetation and climate history of the last 17 000...
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