Cholesterol and C30 of sediment profile MD90-963, supplement to: Schulte, Sonja; Bard, Edouard (2003): Past changes in biologically mediated dissolution of calcite above the chemical lysocline recorded in Indian Ocean sediments. Quaternary Science Reviews, 22(15-17), 1757-1770

Sonja Schulte & Edouard Bard
In a deep-sea sediment core recovered from a site lying well above the local lysocline, several organic geochemical proxies, and two different calcite dissolution indicators, are compared in order to evaluate the relationship between calcite dissolution and paleoproductivity over the past three glacial-interglacial cycles. The degree of foraminiferal break-up, and the CaCO3 particle size distribution, both point to significant periods of dissolution every 22 kyr during glacial stages and substages. These dissolution events are concomitant...
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