Reconstructed ice-sheet limit in the Kara and Barents Sea area at about 50,000 years ago (Markhida Line), supplement to: Astakhov, Valery I; Svendsen, John Inge; Matiouchkov, Alexei; Mangerud, Jan; Maslenikova, Olga; Tveranger, Jan (1999): Marginal formations of the last Kara and Barents ice sheets in northern European Russia. Boreas, 28(1), 23-45

Valery I Astakhov, John Inge Svendsen, Alexei Matiouchkov, Jan Mangerud, Olga Maslenikova & Jan Tveranger
Glacial landforms in northern Russia, from the Timan Ridge in the west to the east of the Urals, have been mapped by aerial photographs and satellite images supported by field observations. An east-west trending belt of fresh hummock-and-lake glaciokarst landscapes has been traced to the north of 67°N. The southern boundary of these landscapes is called the Markhida Line, which is interpreted as a nearly synchronous limit of the last ice sheet that affected this...
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