Table 1. Radiocarbon dated samples from lake basin cores from the Nikel-Kirkenes area, supplement to: Corner, Geoffrey D; Yevzerov, Vladimir Y; Kolka, Vasili V; Møller, Jakob J (1999): Isolation basin stratigraphy and Holocene relative sea-level change at the Norwegian-Russian border north of Nikel, northwest Russia. Boreas, 28(1), 146-166

Geoffrey D Corner, Vladimir Y Yevzerov, Vasili V Kolka & Jakob J Møller
The marine-lacustrine transition (isolation contact) in sediment cores from eight lake basins situated 13.5–72 m a.s.l., in the Norwegian-Russian border area north of Nikel, northwest Russia, was identified based on lithological and diatom analysis, radiocarbon dated, and used to construct a relative sea-level (RSL) curve for the Holocene. All the lakes except one (interpreted as having an unconformable slumped transition) show a regressive I-II-III (marine-transitional-lacustrine) facies succession, indicating a postglacial history of continuous emergence. The...
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