Clay mineralogy and sedimentology of coring Site BDP93-2 in Lake Baikal, supplement to: Yuretich, Richard; Melles, Martin; Sarata, Brenn; Grobe, Hannes (1999): Clay minerals in the sediments of Lake Baikal: a useful climate proxy. Journal of Sedimentary Research, 69(3), 588-596

Richard Yuretich, Martin Melles, Brenn Sarata & Hannes Grobe
Lake Baikal, in south-central Siberia, has been the focus of an international effort (the Baikal Drilling Project; BDP) to obtain continuous long cores (upwards of 100 m) from this unique rift-valley lake and to interpret the paleoclimatic history from various proxy data. As part of this effort, the clay minerals were examined by two research teams. A consistent clay-mineral assemblage, containing illite, interstratified illite-smectite, chlorite, and kaolinite as the major minerals, characterizes much of the...
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