Rock eval analysis of organic matter in sediment core 159-959D, supplement to: Wagner, Thomas; Pletsch, Thomas (1999): Tectono-sedimentary controls on black shale deposition along the opening Equatorial Atlantic Gateway (ODP Leg 159). In: Camron, N (ed.), Oil and gas habitats of the South Atlantic. Geological Society of London, Special Publication, London, 241-265

Thomas Wagner & Thomas Pletsch
The Cretaceous Equatorial Atlantic Gateway between the Central and South Atlantic basins is of interest not only for paleoceanographic and paleoclimatic studies, but also because it provided particularly favourable conditions for the accumulation and preservation of organic-rich sediments. Deposition of carbonaceous sediments along the Côte d'Ivoire-Ghana Transform Margin (Ocean Drilling Program Leg 159) was intimately linked to the plate tectonic and paleoceanographic evolution of this gateway. Notably, the formation of a marginal basement ridge on...
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