Susceptibility, δ¹³C and Iron of Site 171-1051, supplement to: Norris, Richard D; Röhl, Ursula (1999): Carbon cycling and chronology of climate warming during the Palaeocene/Eocene transition. Nature, 401(6755), 775-778

Richard D Norris & Ursula Röhl
Current models of the global carbon cycle lack natural mechanisms to explain known large, transient shifts in past records of the stable carbon-isotope ratio (delta13C) of carbon reservoirs. The injection into the atmosphere of ~1,200-2,000 gigatons of carbon, as methane from the decomposition of sedimentary methane hydrates, has been proposed to explain a delta13C anomaly associated with high-latitude warming and changes in marine and terrestrial biota near the Palaeocene-Eocene boundary, about 55 million years ago....
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