Monthly values of the North Atlantic Oscillation Index from 1821 to 2000, supplement to: Jones, Philip D; Jonsson, T; Wheeler, Dennis A (1997): Extension to the North Atlantic Oscillation using early instrumental pressure observations from Gibraltar and South-West Iceland. International Journal of Climatology, 17(13), 1433-1450

Philip D Jones, T Jonsson & Dennis A Wheeler
Early instrumental pressure measurements from Gibraltar and the Reykjavik area of Iceland have been used to extend to 1821 the homogeneous pressure series at the two locations. In winter the two sites are located close to the centres of action that comprise the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO). The extended 'winter half-year' record of the NAO enables recent changes in the record to be placed in the context of the period 1823–1996. The period since the...
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