Relative abundance of diatoms in surface sediments of Lake Lama, supplement to: Kienel, Ulrike; Kumke, Thomas (2002): Combining ordination techniques and geostatistics to determine the patterns of diatom distributions at Lake Lama, Central Siberia. Journal of Paleolimnology, 28(2), 181-194

Ulrike Kienel, Thomas Kumke & Martin Melles
The patterns of spatial variation of diatom assemblages from surface sediments in Lake Lama were quantified using a combined approach of ordination and geostatistics. The aims were (i) to estimate the amount of variation between diatom assemblages within the lake, (ii) to model the spatial variability of the diatom assemblages and their diversity, and (iii) to map the diatom distributions in the lake. A correspondence analysis (CA) separated the diatom assemblages into a planktonic and...
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