Planktic foraminifera of sediment core GeoB1710-3, supplement to: Volbers, Andrea N A; Henrich, Rüdiger (2002): Late Quaternary variations in calcium carbonate preservation of deep-sea sediments in the northern Cape Basin: results from a multiproxy approach. Marine Geology, 180(1-4), 203-220

Andrea N A Volbers & Rüdiger Henrich
In this study, we test various parameters in deep-sea sediments (bulk sediment parameters and changes in microfossil abundances and preservation character) which are generally accepted as indicators of calcium carbonate dissolution. We investigate sediment material from station GeoB 1710-3 in the northern Cape Basin (eastern South Atlantic), 280 km away from the Namibian coast, well outside today's coastal upwelling. As northern Benguela upwelling cells were displaced westward and periodically preceded the core location during the...
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