Description of loess sections in China, supplement to: An, Zhisheng; Kukla, George J; Porter, Stephen C; Xiao, Jule (1991): Magnetic susceptibility evidence of monsoon variation on the Loess Plateau of Central China during the last 130000 years. Quaternary Research, 36(1), 29-36

Zhisheng An, George J Kukla, Stephen C Porter & Jule Xiao
The magnetic susceptibility of loess and paleosols in central China represents a proxy climate index closely related to past changes of precipitation and vegetation, and thus to summer monsoon intensity. Time series of magnetic susceptibility constructed for three loess-paleosol sequences in the southern part of the Chinese Loess Plateau document the history of summer monsoon variation during the last 130,000 yr. They correlate closely with the oxygen isotope record of stages 1 to 5 in...
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