Benthic foraminifera and accumulation rates in different time slices of sediment cores from the Equatorial Pacific, supplement to: Herguera, Juan-Carlos; Berger, Wolfgang H (1991): Paleoproductivity from benthic foraminifera abundance: glacial to postglacial change in the west-equatorial Pacific. Geology, 19(12), 1173-1176

Juan-Carlos Herguera & Wolfgang H Berger
Surface productivity is correlated with the rate of accumulation of benthic foraminifera on the deep-sea floor. As a rule of thumb, for each 1 mg of organic carbon arriving at the sea floor, one benthic foram shell >150 µm is deposited. The correlation can be used to reconstruct organic flux to the sea floor in the past, and hence the productivity of past oceans. Applying the appropriate equations to box core data from the Ontong...
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