Table 5 Comparison of surface elevations by Seasat and optical survey along EGIG line, supplement to: Bindschadler, Robert A; Zwally, H Jay; Major, Judith A; Brenner, Anita C (1989): Surface topography of the Greenland ice sheet from satellite radar altimetry. NASA Technical Report, Goddard Space Flight Center, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Office of Management, NASA-SP-503, 127 pp

Robert A Bindschadler
Surface elevation maps of the southern half of the Greenland subcontinent are produced from radar altimeter data acquired by the Seasat satellite. A summary of the processing procedure and examples of return waveform data are given. The elevation data are used to generate a regular grid which is then computer contoured to provide an elevation contour map. Ancillary maps show the statistical quality of the elevation data and various characteristics of the surface. The elevation...
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