Age model and chemistry of sediment core STK7 from Steisslinger See, supplement to: Mayer, Bernhard; Schwark, Lorenz (1999): A 15.000-year stable isotope record from sediments of Lake Steisslingen, Southwest Germany. Chemical Geology, 161(1-3), 315-337

Bernhard Mayer & Lorenz Schwark
Stable isotope records for carbon and oxygen in bulk carbonates, carbon in bulk organic matter, and for total and chromium-reducible sulfur in a lacustrine sediment core from Lake Steisslingen (Southwest Germany) show several distinct and abrupt shifts during the last 15,000 years. Variations in the isotopic composition of authigenic carbonates indicate two major phases in the lake history. In the pre-Holocene, the hydrological budget of the lake was apparently stable. Variations of delta18O values of...
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