Calcium and iron of ODP Hole 113-690B, supplement to: Röhl, Ursula; Bralower, Timothy J; Norris, Richard D; Wefer, Gerold (2000): New chronology for the late Paleocene thermal maximum and its environmental implications. Geology, 28(10), 927-930

Ursula Röhl, Timothy J Bralower, Richard D Norris & Gerold Wefer
The late Paleocene thermal maximum (LPTM) is associated with a brief, but intense, interval of global warming and a massive perturbation of the global carbon cycle. We have developed a new orbital chronology for Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Site 690 (Weddell Sea, Southern Ocean) by using spectral analysis of high-resolution geochemical records. The LPTM interval spans 11 precessional cycles yielding a duration of 210 to 220 k.y. The delta13C anomaly associated with the LPTM has...
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