G. bulloides dissolution index of surface sediments, supplement to: Volbers, Andrea N A; Henrich, Rüdiger (2002): Present water mass calcium carbonate corrosiveness in the eastern South Atlantic inferred from ultrastructural breakdown of Globigerina bulloides in surface sediments. Marine Geology, 186(3-4), 471-486

Andrea N A Volbers & Rüdiger Henrich
The Atlantic is regarded as a huge carbonate depocenter due to an on average deep calcite lysocline. However, calculations and models that attribute the calcite lysocline to the critical undersaturation depth (hydrographic or chemical lysocline) and not to the depth at which significant calcium carbonate dissolution is observed (sedimentary calcite lysocline) strongly overestimate the preservation potential of calcareous deep-sea sediments. Significant calcium carbonate dissolution is expected to begin firstly below 5000 m in the deep...
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