Clay and smectite content in sediment core CRP-3, supplement to: Ehrmann, Werner (2001): Variation in smectite content and crystallinity in sediments from CRP-3, Victoria Land Basin, Antarctica. Terra Antartica, 8(4), 533-542

Werner Ehrmann
The Cenozoic sediments of the CRP-3 drill core from the continental shelf of McMurdo Sound in Ross Sea, Pacific sector of the Southern Ocean, have been investigated for their clay mineral assemblages, especially for the smectite abundances, concentrations and crystallinities. The assemblages of CRP-3 are very different from those of the CRP-1 and CRP-2/2A drill cores. Thus, an almost monomineralic assemblage characterizes the sequence below 330 mbsf. This assemblage is made of well-crystallized smectite with...
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