Palynology from surface sediment samples of the Arctic Ocean, supplement to: Matthiessen, Jens; Kunz-Pirrung, Martina; Mudie, Peta J (2000): Freshwater chlorophycean algae from the Beaufort, Laptev and Kara Seas (Arctic Ocean) as indicators of river runoff. International Journal of Earth Sciences, 89(3), 470-485

Jens Matthiessen
Freshwater chlorophycean algae are characteristic organic-walled microfossils in recent coastal and shelf sediments from the Beaufort, Laptev and Kara seas (Arctic Ocean). The persistent occurrence of the chlorophycean algae Pediastrum spp. and Botryococcus cf. braunii in marine palynomorph assemblages is related to the discharge of freshwater and suspended matter from the large Siberian and North American rivers into the Arctic shelf seas. The distribution patterns of these algae in the marine environments reflect the predominant...
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