Miocene palaeoclimate reconstructions from the North Alpine Foreland Basin in Germany, supplement to: Böhme, Madelaine; Bruch, Angela A; Selmeier, Alfred (2007): Implication of fossil wood for the reconstruction of Early and Middle Miocene climate and vegetation in the North Alpine Foreland Basin. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 253(1-2), 107-130

Madelaine Böhme, Angela A Bruch & Alfred Selmeier
Early- and Middle-Miocene sediments of the North Alpine Foreland Basin (NAFB) in Southern Germany contain one of the world richest regional records of silicified wood. Here we analyze over 1,000 identifiable samples, belonging to 80 wood anatomical taxa from 61 stratigraphically well-dated localities using principally the Coexistence Approach. The samples investigated originate from fluvial sediments representing periods of intensified surface runoff in the NAFB and therefore represent and provide information pertaining to the wet end-member...
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