Gravity mapping in the southern Weddell Sea region, Antarctica (Scale 1:2 000 000), supplement to: Aleshkova, Nadezhda D; Golynsky, Alexander V; Kurinin, Rem G; Mandrikov, V S (2000): Gravity mapping in the southern Weddell Sea region. (Explanatory note for free-air and Bounger anomalie maps). Polarforschung, 67(3), 163-177

Nadezhda D Aleshkova, Alexander V Golynsky, Rem G Kurinin & V S Mandrikov
New maps of free-air and the Bouguer gravity anomalies on the Weddell Sea sector (70-81° S, 6-75° W) of Antarctica are presented. These maps are based on the first computer compilation of available gravity data collected by ''Sevmorgeologia'' in 1976-89 in the southern Weddell Sea and adjacent coasts of western Dronning Maud Land (WDML) and Coats Land. The accomplished gravity studies comprise airborne observations with a line spacing of about 20 km and conventional measurements...
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