Lithogenic and biogenic daily and annual particle fluxes on the Lomonosov Ridge of trap LOMO-2, supplement to: Fahl, Kirsten; Nöthig, Eva-Maria (2007): Lithogenic and biogenic particle fluxes on the Lomonosov Ridge (central Arctic Ocean) and their relevance for sediment accumulation: Vertical vs. lateral transport. Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, 54(8), 1256-1272

Kirsten Fahl & Eva-Maria Nöthig
Investigations of lithogenic and biogenic particle fluxes using long-term sediment traps are still very rare in the northern high latitudes and restricted to the arctic marginal seas and sub-arctic regions. Here, for the first time, data on the variability of fluxes of lithogenic matter, carbonate, opal, and organic carbon as well as biomarker composition from the central Arctic Ocean are presented for a one-year period. The study has been carried out on material obtained from...
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