Accumulation rate and alkenones of sediment core SO90-136KL, supplement to: Schulte, Sonja; Müller, Peter J (2001): Variations in sea-surface temperature and primary productivity during Heinrich and Dansgaard-Oeschger events in the northeastern Arbian Sea. Geo-Marine Letters, 21(3), 168-175

Sonja Schulte & Peter J Müller
Sea surface temperatures (SST) and primary productivities have been reconstructed for the northeastern Arabian Sea during the past 65,000 years, using C37-alkenones. Comparison of this SST record with delta18O from Greenland ice core GISP2 shows striking similarities, indicating an apparent linkage between the climate of the Arabian Sea with that of the northern North Atlantic, most probably via atmospheric and/or oceanic circulation. These rapid SST changes are in the long term overlain by insolation changes...
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