Hydrochemistry measured on water bottle samples during the METEOR International Indian Ocean Expedition 1964/65, supplement to: Dietrich, Günter; Düing, Walter; Grasshoff, Klaus; Koske, Peter H (1966): Physikalische und chemische Daten nach Beobachtungen des Forschungsschiffes Meteor im Indischen Ozean 1964/65. Meteor Forschungsergebnisse, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Reihe A Allgemeines, Physik und Chemie des Meeres, Gebrüder Bornträger, Berlin, Stuttgart, A2, 1-155

Günter Dietrich, Walter Düing, Klaus Grasshoff & Peter H Koske
The present volume gives the observed physical and chemical data obtained by R.V. "Meteor" in the Indian Ocean during cruise 1964/65. The tables are based on the computations made by the National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC) in Washington. In addition to the normally communicated data, the tables contain four chemical parameters: alkalinity, ammonia, fluoride, and calcium.
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