Mean current and temperature data from the Gulf of Cádiz, supplement to: Zenk, Walter (1975): On the Mediterranean outflow west of Gibraltar. Meteor Forschungsergebnisse, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Reihe A Allgemeines, Physik und Chemie des Meeres, Gebrüder Bornträger, Berlin, Stuttgart, A16, 23-34

Walter Zenk
During "Meteor" cruise 23 in spring 1971 intensive investigations of the Mediterranean outflow in the Gulf of Cidiz were carried out. In order to give a budget of the inflow and outflow numerous CTD-stations were taken. The observations also included six moored current meter arrays deployed in the known outflow channels. The considerations given here are based mainly on three hydrographic sections, current meter records averaged over one month, and geological observations from the bed...
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