Age determination on monazite from Forefinger Point granulites, East Antarctica (Table 2.6-1), supplement to: Motoyoshi, Yoichi; Hokada, Tomokazu; Shiraishi, Kazuyuki (2006): Electron micoprobe (EMP) dating on monazite from Forefinger Point granulites, East Antarctica: Implication for Pan-African overprint. In: Fütterer, D K, Damaske, D, Kleinschmidt, G, Miller, H & Tessensohn, F (eds.), Antarctica: contributions to global earth sciences, Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, 63-68

Yoichi Motoyoshi, Tomokazu Hokada & Kazuyuki Shiraishi
Electron microprobe (EMP) dating on monazite in granulite- facies rocks from Forefinger Point, East Antarctica, yielded dominant ages of 500 Ma on matrix monazites.They are associated with secondary cordierite, biotite and sapphirine, formed during nearly isothermal decompression after the high P-T assemblages involving garnet, orthopyroxene and sillimanite. Older ages around 750-1000 Ma are detected in monazite cores and in monazite inclusions in garnet porphyroblast. Combining the available age data and the reaction textures, it becomes...
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