U-Pb (zircon) geochronologic analyses for rocks of the Transantarctic Mountains (Table 4.3-1), supplement to: Stump, Edmund; Gootee, Brian; Talarico, Franco M (2006): Tectonic model for development of the Byrd Glacier discontinuity and surrounding regions of the Transantarctic Mountains during Neoproterozoic-Early Paleozoic. In: Fütterer, D K, Damaske, D, Kleinschmidt, G, Miller, H & Tessensohn, F (eds.), Antarctica: contributions to global earth sciences, Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, 181-190

Edmund Stump, Brian Gootee & Mary-Lou Lauria
The Byrd Glacier discontinuity us a major boundary crossing the Ross Orogen, with crystalline rocks to the north and primarily sedimentary rocks to the south. Most models for the tectonic development of the Ross Orogen in the central Transantarctic Mountains consits of two-dimensional transects across the belt, but do not adress the major longitudinal contrast at Byrd Glacier. This paper presents a tectonic model centering on the Byrd Glacier discontinuity. Rifting in the Neoproterozoic producede...
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