Pollen records from two outcrop profiles in the Kakitu Mountain of Tibet, supplement to: Beug, Hans-Jürgen (1987): Palynological studies on a peat layer in Kakitu Mountain, Northeastern Quinhai-Xizang plateau. In: J. Hövermann and W. Wenying (eds.), Reports of the Qinghai-Xizang (Tibet) Plateau, Science Press, Beijing, 6, 496-501

Hans-Jürgen Beug
There is a great similarity between pollen types which occur in the early Holocene NE Tibetan pollen spectra and those which are commonly considered to be typical for the Würm Late Glacial period in Central Europe and for the Würm Pleniglacial period in Southern Europe. Evidently, this similarity is due to a remarkable general conformity of plant taxa growing in cold-arid regions of the northern hemisphere. The improvement of the climate and the retreat of...
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