Geochemical analysis of sediments from three coring sites in the Mediterranean, supplement to: Hübner, Andreas; de Lange, Gert J; Dittmer, J; Halbach, Peter (2003): Geochemistry of an exotic sediment layer above sapropel S-1: mud expulsion from the Urania Basin, eastern Mediterranean? Marine Geology, 197(1-4), 49-61

Andreas Hübner, Gert J de Lange, J Dittmer & Peter Halbach
In a gravity core from the eastern Mediterranean Sea, a chemically and mineralogically distinct, 5.5-cm-thick layer is present above sapropel S-1 and overlain by hemipelagic marls. Calcite is completely absent in this exotic layer, dolomite is present only in small amounts, and the Cr concentrations are significantly enhanced. The layer was deposited primarily under reducing conditions, but the distributions of redox-sensitive elements show that a large part of the exotic layer is now oxidised by...
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