At surface behaviour of emperor penguins from Pointe Géologie, Adélie Land, Antarctica, from expedition DDU 2005, supplement to: Zimmer, Ilka; Wilson, Rory P; Gilbert, Caroline; Beaulieu, Michaël; Ancel, André; Plötz, Joachim (2008): Foraging movements of emperor penguins at Pointe Géologie, Antarctica. Polar Biology, 31(2), 229-243

Ilka Zimmer, Rory P Wilson, Caroline Gilbert, Michaël Beaulieu, André Ancel, Joachim Plötz & Horst Bornemann
The foraging distributions of 20 breeding emperor penguins were investigated at Pointe Géologie, Terre Adélie, Antarctica by using satellite telemetry in 2005 and 2006 during early and late winter, as well as during late spring and summer, corresponding to incubation, early chick-brooding, late chick-rearing and the adult pre-moult period, respectively. Dive depth records of three post-egg-laying females, two post-incubating males and four late chick-rearing adults were examined, as well as the horizontal space use by...
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