Occurrence of mammalia relicts at site Nörre-Lyngby, supplement to: Aaris-Sørensen, Kim (1995): Palaeoecology of a late Weichselian vertebrate fauna from Nörre Lyngby, Denmark. Boreas, 24(4), 355-365

Kim Aaris-Sørensen
Investigations at a Late Weichselian freshwater basin in northwestern Jutland, Denmark, yielded a fairly rich assemblage of vertebrate remains, mostly bones and teeth of small mammals. The remains are primarily allochthonous and the bones have been subjected to different taphonomic pathways and agents. AMS 14C-dates on terrestrial organic remains provided ages of Middle to Late Allerød time. Identifications revealed the first fossil record in Scandinavia of Rana arvalis, Sorex minutus, Ochotona cf. pusilla, Microtus gregalis,...
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