Measured daily precipitation sums over Central Sulawesi for the period 1981-1999

Regina Birner, Constanze Leemhuis, Gerhard Gerold, Gode Gravenhorst, Dodo Gunawan, Alwin Keil & Manfred Zeller
Data compiled within the IMPENSO project. The Impact of ENSO on Sustainable Water Management and the Decision-Making Community at a Rainforest Margin in Indonesia (IMPENSO),, was a German-Indonesian research project (2003-2007) that has studied the impact of ENSO (El Nino-Southern Oscillation) on the water resources and the agricultural production in the PALU RIVER watershed in Central Sulawesi. ENSO is a climate variability that causes serious droughts in Indonesia and other countries of South-East Asia....
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