Chemistry of altered basaltic glass shards and zeolites of volcaniclastic sediments from ODP Hole 157-953C, supplement to: Utzmann, Achim; Hansteen, Thor H; Schmincke, Hans-Ulrich (2002): Trace element mobility during sub-seafloor alteration of basaltic glass from Ocean Drilling Program site 953 (off Gran Canaria). International Journal of Earth Sciences, 91(4), 661-679

Achim Utzmann, Thor H Hansteen & Hans-Ulrich Schmincke
Trace element concentrations of altered basaltic glass shards (layer silicates) and zeolites in volcaniclastic sediments drilled in the volcanic apron northeast of Gran Canaria during Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) leg 157 document variable element mobilities during low-temperature alteration processes in a marine environment. Clay minerals (saponite, montmorillonite, smectite) replacing volcanic glass particles are enriched in transition metals and rare earth elements (REE). The degree of retention of REE within the alteration products of the basaltic...
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