Composition, oxygen isotope and crystallisation temperature of clay samples from the Tonga Trench, ODP Site 135-841, supplement to: Vitali, Frédéric; Blanc, Gérard; Gauthier-Lafaye, François; France-Lanord, Christian (1999): Formation temperatures of clays from the volcaniclastic series of Site 841 ODP: an oxygen isotopic record of a paleothermal flux into the Tonga forearc. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 134(4), 364-369

Frédéric Vitali, Gérard Blanc, François Gauthier-Lafaye & Christian France-Lanord
Oxygen isotopic compositions of clay minerals were determined on representative samples of the volcano-sedimentary series from Site 841 ODP (Tonga forearc). This isotopic study has demonstrated an abnormally high crystallisation temperature of the clay minerals with respect to temperature expected in burial diagenesis. Formation temperatures obtained using d18O reach up to 200 °C in a Fe-chlorite-corrensite paragenesis found in the vicinity of basaltic andesite sills intruded into the Miocene tuffs. The paleothermal flux resulting from...
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